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Updated: Mar 24, 2023

When it comes to ancestry research, the following DNA companies combine the ability to build family trees and compare DNA results with thousands of test takers! Ancestry allows you to access historical documents in addition to comparing DNA and building family trees. Valuable resources!

Individual State Archives

Several states have compiled indexes and abstracts of historical documents that show estate files, wills and probate records, deeds of trust, freedman bureau contracts and more! If you are trying to find information on enslavers that may have owned your ancestors, Reparative Genealogy knows where to look to maximize information and the narrative of your early ancestors.

​​A list of resources genealogists use to discover early African American lineage is provided with genealogy project.

Make Connections

One of the best aspects of DNA matching is meeting people that share a common ancestral story as you. Reaching out to compare notes or stories is a great way to discover information about family you didn't know. You may discover that a distant cousin is related to a branch of the family that moved away in the 1840s and now the two of you represent the family reconnecting after so many centuries. Reparative Genealogy will help you begin these conversations and expand your understanding of your lineage.

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