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Reparative Genealogy

At Reparative Genealogy, we provide a comprehensive suite of genealogical and family history services. With 15 years of experience, we are confident that we can provide you with the best research and advice to help you uncover your family’s past. We strive to educate and inform others on the importance of family history and how it can be used to better understand our identities. We believe that every family has a unique story and are dedicated to helping you uncover yours.


About Us

Reparative Genealogy specializes in helping African Americans and those that descend from the system of Amerian Chattel slavery, trace their family's lineage to the earliest ancestor documented in the United States. Through thorough research and analyzation using archives, DNA testing, county, court and state documents, we are able to uncover ancestors living in the United States prior to the antebellum period.

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Kellie Farrish, professional genealogist

Dedicated to Research, Story Telling and Repair

Kellie Farrish is a professional genealogist that specializes in uncovering family histories that involve the system of American Chattel Slavery, either as a descendant of the enslaved community or descending from enslavers. By uncovering family lineage that touches on this painful segment of history and acknowledging our ancestral footprints in that historical narrative, we are able to heal ancestral wounds associated with descending from this system. Repairing the past through genealogy.

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Healing broken family ties

Identifying Plantation owners and the enslaved

Telling the History

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Educational Opportunities

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